How DTV4PC Works

The technology behind DTV4PC is called streaming-media. Transmissions from various television stations around the world are encoded into a format that can be transmitted across the Internet. DTV4PC detects and converts this data back into pictures and sounds that your PC can understand.

" guys really put together a nice little TV app. Better than I thought.
I'm pleasantly surprised actually." - Greg W. - Bakersfield, CA

Once you have downloaded DTV4PC you have thousands of programs to choose from. Enjoy a wide variety of channels including the following:

Sports News Music Movies
and more...
Big Pond Sports
Nusports NBA
Sportal TV
Martial Arts TV
Race World TV
BoardRiders TV
Only Motos TV
Backyard Wrestling
and more...

LIVE News 24/7/365
Breaking News
Special Reports
and more...

ABC News Now
Bloomberg USA
Bloomberg UK
BBC News 24
NBC News
Eyewitness News
Pentagon Channel
Sky News Australia
and more...

Music Videos
Special Events
and more...

MTV Brand New
MTV Flux
MTV Uber
Music Plus TV
E-Music TV
Mania TV
Ministry of Sound
On Top TV
Channel 125
Kulak's Woodshed
Deluxe Music
and more...

Short Films
and more...

Sci-Fi Channel
Animal Planet
Hollywood TV
ReelGood TV
Maxx-xs Movie Trailers
Crime Movies
Horror Movies
Vintage Cartoons
Mania TV
and more... hundreds more!

"DTV4PC makes it so easy to find my channels!!"
Scot A. - Virginia Beach, Va.

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What People Are Saying About DTV4PC

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to get real TV playing right on my computer screen"
Maria W. - New York, New York

".now I can take in about 15 minutes of my favorite talk shows at work. My boss doesn't have a clue.."
Jonas J. - Winsor, Canada

"I would charge more.DTV4PC rocks."
Michael K., - Cedar Hill, TX

Unlimited Entertainment and News at an Unbeatable Price

DTV4PC delivers more channels than satellite TV and cable combined without all the hardware charges, pay-per view cost, and monthly fees. DTV4PC has no hidden charges whatsoever. Avoid the need for expensive radar and international receiver to get international channels. Avoid unnecessary hardware charges and start enjoying television from around the world, whenever and wherever you want at the convenience and comfort of your PC or laptop computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy anything else in order to access 1,000+ live channels on my PC?
No! DTV4PC software and an Internet connection is all you need.

Are there in subscriptions fees or recurring payments?
No. Just pay a small one-time fee, download and start watching broadcasts from around the world for free.

Is DTV4PC legal?
Yes, DTV4PC is 100% legal.

What type of live sports can I view?
You can watch basketball, football, baseball, soccer and many other sports from around the world.

Does DTV4PC only work in North America?
No. DTV4PC works anywhere and everywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Can I watch local channels with DTV4PC?
Yes, you can! DTV4PC comes featured pack with local, national and International programming.

Can I install DTV4PC on my laptop?
Yes, you can! Install DTV4PC on your laptop and watch live television from around world anywhere you travel.